now is the time for the Ketubah you have always dreamed of

The process of creating a unique ketubah for you or a couple that you would like to give a unique gift to
Choose a ketubah from the existing collection!

Let's imagine your wedding for a moment.


Do you get married in a ballroom or in your parents' backyard?    Did you sew a special dress or did you buy it at a thrift store?    Have you bought a tailored suit or do you prefer something less formal? And flowers?

Will there be flowers at the wedding? And what food? And who to invite? And what decorations will there be?


All of these are the backdrop for the most significant part of the wedding and this is the Chuppah. The ceremony itself in which you declare to the world that you love and want to live your life together.


This special moment, the sacred moment, is the essence and meaning of all this celebration.

I invite you to a unique experience where you can choose your special ketubah, your love contract, so that you will later remember one sacred moment that you decided to weave your life together into a life together. Even if there were only 20 guests at the wedding who came to witness the moment of the connection between you, the ketubah is ultimately what is left.


Go to the ketubahs page and you can choose from the existing collection.

Did not find something that is most accurate for you? No problem - I can create for you, during a conversation, your special ketubah, which will be one and only in the world.

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